Unlock Your Path to Wealth with the Money Mindset Mastery Sisterhood.

Immerse Yourself in the Mindset, Beliefs, and Inspired Action of Financial Independence. Together, We Will Transform Aspirations into Reality.

Elevate Your Money Mindset, Business Skills, and Leadership Abilities with Daily Coaching Experience the Power of Live Audio Coaching from Anna, Every Day, Monday-Friday.

Our Coaching is Structured around Monthly Themes to Strengthen Your Money Mindset, Enhance Your Business Skills, Cultivate Feminine Leadership, and Skyrocket Your Wealth.

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Finally, the Money Mindset Mastery Sisterhood You've Been Waiting For.

For the Unbelievable Price of Only £44/month (Valued at £199). Cancel Anytime if You're Not Completely Satisfied.


Connecting with the Sisterhood // How It Works:


Engage and Connect in our Vibrant Telegram Community

Our Telegram Space is Designed to Streamline Communication and Content Delivery!

As a Money Mindset Mastery Member, You'll Gain Access to:

The Community: Connect, Build Relationships, and Explore Collaborative Opportunities with Like-minded Sisters!

The Marketplace: Share and Promote Your Offers, Job Opportunities, and More. This Resource Alone is a Game-changer for Your Business!

General: Get Answers to Admin, Logistics, and Tech Questions from the Money Mindset Mastery Team.

Money Mindset, Business Masterminding, and Accountability: Connect with Other Sisters, Seek Guidance, and Receive Feedback. This is the Perfect Place for Market Research, Business Development, and Growth.

The Spiritual Wisdom for Wealth Creation: Discover Powerful Spiritual Resources for Your Journey. From Card Pulling to Meditation, Lunar Wisdom to Visualization, You'll Find It All Here.

Wealth Hub: Explore Ideas for Passive and Active Income Generation. This is Your Space to Create Financial Bliss and Collaborate on Income-generating Activities. Let's Brainstorm Together!

Unlock a Treasure Trove of Resources Worth Over £2k!

Gain Access to Anna's Masterclass Library, Top Guest Expert Library, Manifestation Tools, Workbooks, Journals, and More. This Vault Will Propel You Towards Financial Bliss and Sustainable Business Success.

Your £2k worth of vault content includes these binge-worthy masterclasses: 

When You Join the Money Mindset Mastery...


You'll Feel a Sense of Ease, Belonging, and Empowerment.

Every women needs a space she can go to RECEIVE, and inside The Money Mindset Mastery, we’re rolling out the red carpet for you to receive at the highest level, by making it SO easy for you to get the support you need, when you need it.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling Insta at night, pop into the Telegram to feel the slipstream of support from your global community, ask your questions, and plug into the potent daily downloads to re-pattern yourself to the highest expression of Women and CEO you’re so ready to become.

The Money Mindset Mastery Sisterhood is the Community and Support System You've Been Longing For. Join Now at the Exclusive Founding Member Rate of £44/month. 

That's Only £1.46/day (Valued at £199).


Who is this Membership For?


The Money Mindset Mastery Sisterhood is Perfect for:

  • Ambitious Womenpreneurs Seeking Lucrative Passive Income or Well-paid Side Hustles.
  • Aspiring CEOs Who Crave Support and Guidance to Quickly Generate Consistent Income.
  • Spiritual Female Entrepreneurs Yearning for Connection and Community.
  • Women Dealing with Financial Uncertainty, Battling Self-doubt and Seeking Validation.
  • Divine Sisters Seeking Deep Connections with Like-minded souls.
  • Those Ready to Transform Their Money Mindset and Attract Abundance Effortlessly.
  • Heart-Led Women Desiring a Safe Space to Celebrate Wins, Share Challenges, and Receive Guidance.
  • Committed CEO and Ceo to be Willing to Invest in Personal and Professional Growth to Achieve Financial Goals.

Pay Monthly


  • Become an exclusive founding member
  • It's like paying £1.46/day 
  • App for easy access on the go. Close proximity to me 24/7

Pay Yearly


  • Become an exclusive founding member
  • Savings of £88
  • Get a 1 hour bonus of 1-1 coaching session with Anna ( valued at £250) 
  • App for easy access on the go. Close proximity to me 24/7

In the Money Mindset Mastery Sisterhood, You'll Find All This and More.

Anna's Daily Coaching Sessions will Help You Develop a Strong Money Mindset, Overcome Limiting Beliefs, and Embrace Empowering Wealth-building Strategies. Plus, You'll Be Part of a Supportive Community of Like-minded Sisters.

Imagine Having a Space Where You Can Truly Be Yourself, Receive the Support and Guidance You Need, and Thrive in Both Your Business and Personal Life. The Money Mindset Mastery Sisterhood Offers Just That.

Join Us on This Transformative Journey.

Don't miss Out on the Exclusive Founding Member Rate of £44/month. Normally £199.

That's Only £1.46/day! And Remember, You Can Cancel Anytime if You're Not Completely Satisfied.



I am thrilled to be a money coach and mentor for heart led women just like you. I have been blessed with the gift of intuition and spirituality, and I use these tools to help guide my clients towards financial abundance and fulfillment in their lives.

My mission is to help you release any blocks or fears you have around money, so that you can master your money mindset and break through any income plateaus you may be facing.

Together, we will work to stop negative habits and self-sabotage, leaving you feeling empowered and ready to earn more.

It is my passion to help entrepreneurs create a loving and balanced relationship with money, allowing them to receive and be rewarded for the amazing things they offer to the world.

I've created The Money Mindset Mastery Sisterhood to be a home for your aspirations, a place where your entrepreneurial spirit is nurtured, and your personal well-being is treasured.

What People Are Saying:

"If you're looking to shift your money mindset, improve your financial habits, and cultivate abundance, I wholeheartedly endorse working with Anna. As a highly professional coach with a positive outlook and great energy, she's a fantastic listener who's dedicated to helping her clients succeed. With her guidance, I was able to identify the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and learn how to align my actions with abundance. And best of all, she provided me with a personalized strategy to help me on my path. Thanks, Anna- you're amazing!"


"Anna's expert guidance in transforming my money mindset has truly transformed my outlook on life. She helped me identify and understand my money blocks and the archetypes that were limiting my potential. Her insights have allowed me to make necessary changes in my life and step into my true potential. I am incredibly thankful to Anna for guiding me and revealing hidden aspects of my personality that I was previously unaware of."


All Members Get Full Access To:

Monthly Live Wealth Mastery Sessions


Embark on a journey of financial mastery and wealthy living with our monthly focused live sessions. Each session is a dynamic workshop where you'll learn the art of wealth creation from Anna. These masterclasses are live guided interactive powerhouses. You will leave with simple, easy-to-follow daily and weekly actions that pave your path to economic success.

The Vault

Unlock access to an extensive collection of Anna's transformative masterclasses and books. This library is more than just content; it's a series of powerful lessons and strategies that will align with your financial aspirations. It's engaging, educational content that's designed to enrich your wealth-building journey.

Inner Circle: The Exclusive Telegram Community

Step into an exclusive realm where wealth-building is a shared mission. Our Telegram group is a members-only enclave, a vibrant hub where you can connect, exchange insights, and grow alongside peers who are equally committed to their financial journeys.

You'll also have the privilege of enjoying:

  • Monthly Wealth Building and Celebration Sessions to honor and amplify your achievements.
  • Tailored Monthly Themes to offer continual guidance and support, ensuring effortless implementation.
  • Exclusive Guest Expert Masterclasses to glean wisdom from the elite in wealth manifestation and beyond.
  • Experience daily live audio coaching with Anna, every weekday, enveloped in a graceful and feminine ambiance.

And this is only the start. Inside The Wealth Sisterhood, you'll discover a haven where dreams are cherished, and ambitions are accomplished.

Welcome to your sanctuary.

Welcome to metamorphosis.

Welcome to The Wealth Sisterhood.


Join now for an exclusive founding member rate of £44/month, only £1.46/day." ( paying monthly £44/ month or yearly £440 + bonus 1 hour 1-1 coaching session with Anna ( valued at £250)


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Whether you're on the move or seeking inspiration in the comfort of your surroundings, our app makes it easy.

Elevate your experience with the advantages of membership, allowing you to stay connected, informed, and supported anytime, anywhere.

No laptop required; just the convenience of having it all at your fingertips.