Sharing Something Truly Powerful

I wanted to share something truly powerful from last week. I went to London with my girlfriends for a tea ceremony and sound healing session. The atmosphere, hosted by a lady named Kat, felt like entering a different world—calm, relaxed, and spacious.

During the tea ceremony, I had a profound experience. While sipping from tiny cups, I realized my tendency to think, "not enough." This belief reflected a negative pattern in my life, affecting how I perceive myself, others, and various aspects of life. The revelation was that changing this pattern isn't about having more but savoring what's already present.

It struck me that the pursuit of more, whether in money, experiences, or possessions, doesn't lead to fulfillment. The key is in fully enjoying and being present with what we have. Similar to savoring each sip of tea, appreciating the current moment brings satisfaction and fulfillment.


Life often urges us to chase more, but the real essence lies in being present, aware, and conscious of our experiences. The shareable takeaway is to be mindful of how we experience and feel things, appreciating even small amounts of money and spending consciously.

It's crucial to break free from the rat race and be content with the present. Mindful spending, enjoying what we have, and believing that more is coming contribute to a fulfilling life. There is nothing wrong with wanting more and having more, though if you can't be happy with little or none, you won't be happy with many. If you feel stuck in a cycle of not having enough, I invite you to connect with me for a transformative journey over five weeks.


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Sharing Something Truly Powerful

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